We want to ensure every player on our server receives the same respect and opportunities as everyone else. That is why we must have a set of rules which must be followed at all times while you enjoy our services. Failure to follow these rules will result in temporary or permanent bans from all Thunderstorm PvP services.

These rules will be updated and reviewed on a semi-annual basis, with all major changes being announced in-advanced.

While you are using any and all Thunderstorm PvP services, you accept and are required to comply with all rules set forth by the administrative team.

If you have any questions regarding clarification of rules, please contact an admin

A. General Behavior

  1. You are expected to remain in a calm and respectful manner at all times while on all Thunderstorm PvP services. This includes
    • Server Chat
    • Forum Discussions
    • Private Messaging
    • Any other location which represents Thunderstorm PvP (Ex. Social Media, IRC, Twitch)
  2. Personal threats against any individual will not be tolerated and will result in removal from our services. Some examples would include ddos threats and personal threats involving harm to oneself.
  3. Profanity and racial slurs are frowned upon, and will result in punishment if excessive usage is noted by a Staff member.
  4. Staff members must be respected at all times. If you have any personal concerns about staff member behavior, please contact an admin
  5. Impersonating any member of the Thunderstorm PvP Staff is prohibited and will result in a punishment.
  6. Ban Evasion is strictly prohibited. If you are found Ban evading, all accounts associated will be banned, and your IP will be blocked.
  7. All services are provided on a privilege basis. Nothing we provide is a given right to any user. You have no right to demand service in any form from us. By using our services, you accept that without warning you could be removed from our services at any point due solely to staff discretion.
  8. Exposing Server exploits and not informing a staff member will result in removal from our services by staff discretion.

B. Gameplay

  1. Team Griefing will not be tolerated. Some examples include
    • Modifying another team member's TNT cannon
    • Compromising another player's monument/core/wool defence
    • Setting off TNT near other team members with intent to harm
    • Destroying resource chests
  2. Utilizing any unofficial modifications which give unfair advantages are strictly prohibited. This includes
    • Hacking Clients
    • Server Exploits
    If you have questions regarding using certain mods, please contact a staff member.
  3. Advertising is not allowed at anytime while connected to Thunderstorm PvP. You will be permanently banned for advertising any outside:
    • Minecraft Servers
    • Forums
    • Non Approved Services
  4. Accusing other players of utilizing unfair advantages, without having proper proof, will result in a punishment.

C. Forums

  1. All threads must be universally appropriate. Please have in mind that users of all ages will be able to view your post. In other words, keep threads clean and family friendly.
  2. While replying to a thread, please remain on topic and keep to the subject of the original post.
  3. Do not post spam of any kind to the forums.
  4. Links to malicious sites will not be tolerated and will result in a network wide ban.
  5. Threads created to purposely insult an individual will not be tolerated. This includes threads about:
    • Recently punished players
    • Staff Members
    • Any user of Thunderstorm PvP
  6. Advertising is not allowed on the forums. This applies to all threads and replies. Advertising is not allowed for the following:
    • Other Forums
    • Other Minecraft Servers
    • Paid Services
  7. Some advertisements may be allowed with staff permission


We hope you have read every rule and understand the type of community we wish to uphold. It is your responsibility as a member of this community to ensure you follow every rule listed on this page, as well as all rules the administrative team may add in the future.

You understand that by utilizing our services you are bound to follow all rules presented in this document, and given by staff members.

It is encouraged to check back on this page often incase revisions are made.

One final word, remember that Thunderstorm PvP aims to be a friendly and amazing community, and we can only achieve that with everyones cooperation of the rules.

Thanks for reading!

Last Updated on September 19th, 2017